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What is an online research panel?
An online research panel is a community of individuals with similar interests, and experiences, who have voluntarily chosen to participate in online research studies about various topics related to their common interests.

What is the OPTUS Digital Advisors Panel?
The Optus Digital Advisors is an exclusive community of customers we’ve invited to participate in product testing, surveys, and forums. Members have the opportunity to share their opinions and ultimately influence the products and services at Optus.

Who is on the OPTUS Digital Advisors Panel?
Members of the panel are Optus customers who have agreed to take part by completing a short questionnaire.

What are the benefits of being an OPTUS Digital Advisors panelist?

  • For each survey that you take, you will be given the opportunity to enter a contest for a prize
  • You will get sneak peeks at products and services we’re testing
  • You will receive exclusive research findings via our special Optus Digital Advisors newsletters.

How do I register to become an OPTUS Digital Advisors panelist?
To register as a panelist, click on the "Join Now” button on the home page of this site and complete a short profiling survey where we’ll ask you some questions.

What are the requirements to join the OPTUS Digital Advisors Panel?
As long as you are interested in testing the products, services we offer, can spend a few minutes every month taking a few surveys, and are willing to share with us how you use technology, we are keen to hear your views

How many surveys do I have to complete?
We encourage participation in as many surveys and activities as you are invited to take. The more you participate the more chances you’ll have to win prizes.

How do I complete a survey?
You will be e-mailed a unique URL address for each survey. Simply click on that URL or cut and paste it into a web browser of your choice and complete the survey form online. Survey length is closely controlled to minimise the use of your time.

How long will I have to complete each survey?
You will typically have anywhere from 72 hours to one week to complete each survey.

Who do I contact if I have a technical problem?
Click on the “Technical Support” link which is located at the bottom of this webpage.